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Seamless Integration


Email Integration
Clio's e-mail integration makes it easy to associate e-mails directly with a matter. Compatible with all e-mail clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Gmail, Clio's e-mail integration puts an end to email clutter.


Clio Sync for Outlook
Clio Sync for Outlook provides bidirectional sync between Clio and Microsoft Outlook for contacts, calendar entries and tasks.

Offline Access
Clio Sync for Outlook allows you to access your Clio calendar, contacts and tasks even if you're offline. Changes made while you're offline will be re-synced to Clio the next time you're online.

Office Integration
Syncing Clio's contacts with Microsoft Outlook means creating mail merges, such as holiday mailings, is a snap.

Mobile Sync
Virtually every mobile device synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, allowing you synchronize Outlook with both Clio and your preferred handheld device.

Google Apps Integration

Clio offers a deep integration with Google Apps. Single Sign-On, calendar sync and contact sync all help make sure switching between Google Apps and Clio is completely painless. Clio's e-mail integration also works seamlessly with Gmail.

Single Sign On
Access Clio from your Google Apps universal navigation bar. Simplified "Single Sign-On" means you only need to log in once to access both Google Apps and Clio.

Calendar Sync
Seamlessly sync your Clio calendar with your Google calendar, and vice-versa.

Contact Sync
Keep your Clio and Google Apps contact databases up-to-date and in sync with Clio for Google Apps.

Seamless File Sharing

Dropbox & Box
Dropbox & Box are free services that let you bring all your documents anywhere.

Be Anywhere
Both Dropbox & Box seamlessly sync your files no matter where you're working from. Work from any computer or phone with confidence that you'll always have everything you need.

Simple Sharing
You can easily share specific files from your Dropbox & Box account. Just send people a link and you're done! This makes them perfect tools for team projects.

Always Safe
Even if your computer has a meltdown, your documents are always safe in Dropbox & Box, and can be restored in a snap.

Collaboration Tools

Secure collaboration

Clio Connect: Secure Collaboration
Clio Connect is a secure web-based client portal, allowing Clio users to share information and collaborate with clients through an easy-to-use online interface.

Rather than managing large quantities of non-secure e-mail, lawyers can now leverage Clio’s bank-grade security technology to safely share information and collaborate on key aspects of a case.

Online Bill Payments
Clio Connect enables online bill-paying for your clients. Clio automatically sends clients a link to an outstanding invoice, and the client can easily pay the invoice via PayPal, credit card, or other online payment systems.

Document Sharing
Easily share documents with clients. Clio Connect puts an end to endless e-mail attachments by making it easy to create a secure, easy-to-use client extranet.

Document Management

Clio's document management system provides sophisticated document management capabilities. Built-in versioning, unlimited storage, and Clio Connect integration make managing documents easy.

Unlimited Storage
Each Clio account comes with unlimited document storage.

Clio Connect Integration
Integration with the Clio Connect client portal allows you to easily and securely share documents with clients.

Never lose track of a specific document version again. Clio's integrated versioning system makes it easy to track each version of a document as it evolves.


Document Automation
Document automation allows you to streamline your business workflow by processing everyday common tasks faster and more efficiently.

Save Time
Drastically reduce processing time by eliminating common manual tasks.

Increase Productivity
Document automation eliminates time consuming manual processes, and allows you to focus on more value-added tasks.

Improved Service
Enhance client service by quickly and accurately creating and retrieving data.

Time and Billing

Time Tracking

Clio's integrated time tracking system makes it easy for every member of your firm to keep detailed and accurate time records.
Clio's time tracking system is intuitive and easy-to-use, meaning you can stop dreading timesheets and start easily tracking time through the day as you work.
Like everything else in Clio, time entries are easily linked to matters, making bill generation efficient and easy. Clio's time tracking functionality makes it easy and convenient to track time on a variety of items.


Create Polished, Professional-Looking Invoices
Clio's powerful invoice templating technology allows you to create polished, professional-looking bills in seconds. Choose from professionally-designed invoice templates using beautiful typefaces from foundries such as Adobe and Veer.
Infinite Customizability
We appreciate each law office's requirements for invoice formatting are unique. Clio's invoice templating system offers over 140 customizations for bills, allowing you to create a hand-crafted bill template that fits with your law firm's brand and image. Our unique "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWIG) customization interface makes designing customized invoices a snap.

Professional-Grade Typography
Separate yourself from the crowd with professional-grade fonts. Clio's invoice templating system includes beautiful fonts from foundries including Adobe, Veer and Bitstream.

Custom Logos
Brand your Clio invoices with your own custom logo.

Professional Templates
Four professionally designed templates are available as starting points. Customize each to your liking using Clio's sophisticated invoice templating system.

Online Bill Payments

Receive Online Bill Payments
Receive online bill payments via credit card or PayPal using Clio's client portal, Clio Connect.
Credit Card Integration
Clio's allows you to receive credit card payments directly from clients.

Clio Connect Integration
Integration with the Clio Connect client portal allows you to easily and securely send bills with clients.

PayPal Integration
Get up and running with Clio's PayPal integration with two clicks. You can start receiving online bill payments immediately.

Financial Management

Trust Accounting
Clio's fully integrated trust accounting functionality makes it easy to stay on top of your trust accounts.

Billing Integration
Clio's trust accounting and billing systems are completely integrated, making it easy to receive payments for bills directly from trust accounts. Appropriate trust and operating account transactions are automatically created.

Generate per-matter and per-client trust account reports for reconciliation or reporting purposes.

Track Retainers
Track retainers by matter or client.

Clio Components


Tasks and Schedule At-a-Glance
Clio's dashboard provides a centralized view of your upcoming tasks and schedule so you know, at-a-glance, what commitments you have for the day.

Monitor billing targets
Clio's Practice Performance dashboard allows you to continuously monitor your firm's financial health by providing real-time reports on billing targets. Set custom goals for billings, and Clio will advise you of progress against those goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Task Management

Get Things Done
Clio's task management system makes it easy to "Get Things Done" and helps make forgotten tasks a thing of the past. Simple yet powerful, Clio's task management system allows Lauro Law to easily link tasks to client matters, assign tasks to other members of our firm, and monitor the progress of task completion for a specific client matter.

Link tasks to matters
Clio's matter-centric workflow allows us to easily link tasks to client matters. Clio makes it possible to view all tasks across all matters, or to drill-down to the tasks only relating to a specific client matter.

Bill time directly from tasks
Clio makes it easy to directly bill time from tasks as we work on them. Simply click Clio's "Add Time" button next to the task, select a timekeeping category, and you've created a billable time entry


Simple cloud based Calendaring
Your calendar is available wherever and whenever you need it with Clio. Access your calendar from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device in real time. Firm-wide calendaring makes it easy to invite specific members of the firm, or the entire firm, to events.

Drag & Drop
Clio's calendar supports drag & drop, making it easy to quickly create, change or update appointments.


Clio offers a wide variety of reports to facilitate a wide variety of analysis needs.

Billing Reports
Stay on top of your billings with Accounts Receivable and Billing History reports.

Productivity Reports
Analyze client and lawyer productivity with the Productivity by Client and Productivity by User reports.

Client Reports
Get real-time reports on client activity and financial positions with Client Activity, Client Ledger, Trust Ledger, Trust Listing, Work in Progress and Bank Account Activity reports.

Cloud Computing

Accessible Anywhere

Access Your Data from Any Device
Clio is accessible via virtually any device, allowing you - and each member of your firm - to choose their preferred desktop and mobile platform.

Put Syncing Behind You
With traditional desktop practice management systems, mobile and laptop users had to "sync" to the master server to get up-to-date practice management data. With Clio's cloud-based infrastructure, all users - mobile, desktop, and laptop users alike - always access live, up-to-date information in the cloud.

Cloud Computing for Legal
Cloud computing is all about lowering IT costs while increasing convenience. With Clio, you can access your data securely from any computer with Internet access. Your practice is wherever you are - whether you're at the office, at the courthouse, at home, or even on vacation.


Any Operating System
Whether you're a Windows fan or a Mac die-hard, Clio is for you. Clio embraces the latest web standards and runs best on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Get Up-and-Running Fast
Because Clio is web-based, getting up-and-running with Clio takes only a few minutes. There's no software to download, install, or configure.

Continuous Improvement
Remember the software you used to use that got upgraded every year or two? With Clio you get software that is updated and improved continuously, with software updates rolled out seamlessly on a near-weekly basis.

Bank Grade Security

Clio employs state-of-the-art, bank-grade security to ensure your sensitive data stays safe and secure. Clio undergoes daily security audits by the world's largest internet security company, McAfee, to ensure our defenses are up-to-date.

SSL Encryption
All communications with Clio utilize SSL encryption, ensuring all communications with Clio are secure and immune to eavesdropping by third parties.

SAS 70 Type II Certified
Clio's data centers implement strict physical access and security controls, and have undergone a comprehensive SAS 70 Type II certification audit.

Daily Security Audits
Clio's servers are audited on a daily basis by McAfee Secure. McAfee performs a rigorous security audit of Clio's servers every 24 hours, and notifies Clio's security staff of any potential security risks immediately.

Mobile Access

Management on the Go
Clio's mobile access site is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Android-based devices, Palm Pre, and BlackBerry OS 6-based devices. Clio's mobile site allows you to access every aspect of your practice management data.

Clients Have Access to Secure Document Storage & Retrieval

Lauro Law, PLLC uses Clio Practice Management Software to help manage the firm and client matters through a number of tools, including workflow, task management and collaboration.  In addition, Clio Connect is a secure portal through which clients have access to shared documents, such as important court orders and completed estate planning documents.  The portal also allows clients to communicate with the firm through secure message and document uploads.  Existing clients may set up an account and login after receiving an invitation from our firm.  Existing Client Login to Clio Connect.

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