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A suite of web-based tools to help manage Lauro Law, PLLC

Clio is the leading practice management, time & billing and client collaboration platform for small- to mid-sized law firms. Our important client data is securely accessible anywhere – from a PC, a Mac, a Tablet, and even a Smart Phone.

The best features. Case closed!

Clio leads the way in cloud-based practice management with a rich set of features that make managing everything from intake to invoicing a snap.

Document Management

Quickly and securely store/access electronic copies of relevant file correspondence.

Bank Grade Security

256-bit SSL encryption combined with enterprise-class data security and redundancy ensures the safety of sensitive client data.

Time Tracking

Effortless time tracking ensures simplified and accurate billing and recovery.

Simplified Billing

Intuitive billing system streamlines the process of generating flexible, professional-looking invoices.

 Task Scheduling

Rich calendaring and task management capabilities facilitate accurate and collaborative deadline management.

100% web-based

With nothing to install, Clio can be accessed from Windows or Mac based computers or mobile device using any modern web browser.

With Clio's cloud-based infrastructure, all users - mobile, desktop, and laptop users alike - always access live, up-to-date information in the cloud.  Clio is accessible via virtually any device, allowing each member of our firm, clients and contacts to choose their preferred desktop and mobile platform.

Cloud Computing for Law Firms

Cloud computing is all about lowering costs while increasing convenience and increasing security. With Clio, Lauro Law can access your data securely from any computer with Internet access. Our practice file are wherever we are - whether we're at the office, at the courthouse, at home, or even on out of the state.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is computing delivered as a service over the Internet, with less need for software on desktop computers.  Lauro Law’s client documents, e-mail messages, pictures, and all other types of information, is stored and securely accessed online in Clio. The shift to cloud-based services typically offers increased security and dramatically reduced overhead and IT costs as compared to on premises servers and software.

Data Security

Data security covers four primary areas: encryption, server security, client security and password security.


One important component of the security equation is encryption. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an industry standard encryption technology that enables secure online banking and e-commerce. SSL ensures all communications between your computer and the cloud-based server are encrypted and protected from interception. SSL is an extremely powerful technology, as it allows for completely secure communications even over public, untrusted networks, such as a public Wi-Fi connection.  Clio uses a 256-bit SSL encryption for all data stored on their cloud.

Server Security

While SSL helps secure communications between your computer and the cloud, you also need to know the servers you are communicating with are properly secured against hackers and other threats.  While it is hard for the average Web user to assess a cloud-based provider’s server security, there are services from companies such as McAfee that perform regular security audits on SaaS providers to ensure server security.  Clio undergoes daily security audits by the world's largest internet security company, McAfee, to ensure their defenses are up-to-date.

Client Security

Though cloud computing has the advantage of outsourcing server-level security and backup to a third-party service provider, one often-overlooked part of the security equation is the security of the desktop or laptop from which you are accessing the SaaS application. SaaS doesn’t obviate the need to ensure your desktop or laptop is properly secured with a firewall, antivirus protection, and the latest security updates for your operating system and Web browser.  Lauro Law computers and mobile devices utilize firewalls, antivirus software and subscribe to the automatic updates for our operating systems and web browsers.

Password Security

Finally, security also encompasses password security. The best SSL encryption and client/server security can all be undone by the choice of a weak password.  Lauro Law employees use secure, strong passwords for our Clio software, and we try to avoid using those passwords for other websites.

Five Reasons Why Lawyers Should Adopt Cloud-based Technology

Source: "Why Go Cloud? Five Reasons Why Lawyers Should Adopt Cloud-based Technology"
By Brett Burney
  1. The Cloud Provides a Higher Standard of Protection for Confidential Data Than Most Law Firms Can Provide On Their Own
  2. The Cloud Affords a Higher Standard of Privacy for Communication than E-mail
  3. The “Total Cost of Ownership” Analysis Demonstrates that SaaS (Software as a Service) is a More Economical Investment than Traditional Software
  4. Data in the Cloud is Persistently Accessible and Safer Than On Your Laptop
  5. The Cloud Offers a Refreshingly Simple and Usable Option in Today’s Sea of Bloated Software

Clio is a trademark of Themis Solutions, Inc.

Clients Have Access to Secure Document Storage & Retrieval

Lauro Law, PLLC uses Clio Practice Management Software to help manage the firm and client matters through a number of tools, including workflow, task management and collaboration.  In addition, Clio Connect is a secure portal through which clients have access to shared documents, such as important court orders and completed estate planning documents.  The portal also allows clients to communicate with the firm through secure message and document uploads.  Existing clients may set up an account and login after receiving an invitation from our firm.  Existing Client Login to Clio Connect.

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